Here's the original product. When you order these nuts we have only removed the shell. These nuts are softer, more sweet and more perishable. They are wonderful to home-roast. Instructions included with each order. The Dry Roasted nuts have additionally been put through a slow heating process which gives a wonderful crunch and creates a much longer lasting nut.

Dry Roasted Hazelnuts
Dry Roasted Kernels

A Freddy Guys original! Dry Roasted hazelnuts. All natural. No oils added. Available in individual and bulk sizes.  


$7.00 - $106.00
Roasted Hazelnut Meal

Roasted ground hazelnuts, a perfect flour enhancer or gluten-free flour alternative. Available in individual and bulk sizes.


$8.00 - $106.00
Roasted Diced Hazelnuts freddy guys
Roasted Diced Hazelnuts

Our original Dry Roasted hazelnuts, chopped up. No added oils.  Available in individual and bulk sizes.   


$8.00 - $106.00
Raw Hazelnuts
Raw Hazelnut Kernels

Our hazelnuts, all natural and shelled with no additional processing. Available in individual and bulk sizes.   


$8.00 - $106.00
Sampler of Dry Roast and Raw hazelnuts
Dry Roasted and Natural Combination

This combo contains a bag each of our Dry Roasted and Raw Hazelnuts. Small and large sizes. With or without gift packaging.


$15.00 - $29.50
Dry Roasted and Chocolate Hazelnut Combination
Dry Roasted and Chocolate Combination

This combo contains one 8 oz bag each of our Dry Roasted, and Chocolate-covered hazelnuts. There are two options: With or without gift packaging. Please note that we do not ship chocolate to the South in the summer.


$17.50 - $21.50
Natural Hazelnut Combination Pack
Natural Combination Pack

This combo contains one bag each of our Dry Roasted hazelnuts, our Roasted Diced hazelnuts, and our Roasted hazelnut meal. In small and large sizes. Gift packaging available.


$21.50 - $37.50